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2012-06-04 - Howto build deb package with Perl module (Lingua::Identify)

Lingua::Identify is Perl module used for text language identification - remember that language identification is not 100% accurate.

2011-01-31 - „What time is it?” Using rdate/ntpdate to set time on Linux server

Ntpdate sets the local date and time on your machine by polling the Network Time Protocol (NTP - RFC 1305) server given as the server arguments to determine the correct time.

2011-01-24 - Apache2 - create password protected directory

My friend requested article about password protected access to public directories using .htpasswd file. Configuration of this is quite simple.

2011-01-23 - Creating ASCII ART MOTD

MOTD or „Message of The Day” in most Unix systems is displayed after successful login, but before execution of user shell. MOTD is used to send a common message to all system users (after login), in a more efficient manner than sending them all an e-mail message. MOTD message is stored in /etc/motd file.

2011-03-20 - Securing Linux: few tips for good configuration of SSHD

Most people install sshd daemon using command apt-get install open-sshd, and then forgets about making it more secure. In this article I will point out few sshd options which you should have in your sshd config when going to production.

2011-03-20 - Arrays in PostgreSQL quick example

PostgreSQL allows columns of a table to be defined as variable-length multidimensional arrays. Arrays of any built-in or user-defined base type, enum type, or composite type can be created. Arrays are not supper efficient way of doing things, but they are sometimes handy.

2011-01-19 - Group and count files by type in Perl (using file magic numbers)

Using object oriented libraries with File::Find module is not so obvious like it should be. But there is a way to do it in simple way - use closures in Perl. Now you probably think, „stop the bla bla talk, and show me code!”, so here it is:

2011-01-15 - The regular expressions guides

Wikipedia defines regular expressions like this:

2011-01-15 - Putting website into maintenance mode

When you have dynamic website with loyal users you should provide at least decent support and service for them. One of things you have to do when working on startup is maintenance of service, adding new features and so on …. How to do it right?

2011-10-13 - Using perl to extract files from large directory structure

When I work on Windows I use Activesite Active Perl to do some stuff.

2011-01-12 - Cron tip: prevent running multiple copies of the same job in HA environment

All cron jobs should prevent themselves from started in multiple copies!

2011-04-09 - How to manage and disable bash history

You can change Bash history behaviour changing environment variables. Here is simple reference about this settings.

2011-01-09 - Quick dump or backup all databases in MySQL server

You can use this script Here is source code:

2011-01-08 - Sending emails from Perl via SMTP server

Email inbox could be a good place to store many informations including logs from your services. Common usage of email may be sending notification about your service failures. Email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages. So users don’t need be online simultaneously for exchange messages, online presence is only required for time that takes to send or receive messages. So when you send some message it will be delivered to recipient sooner or later.

2011-01-08 - Perl daemon: the hard way

From Wikipedia:

2011-02-01 - NWCHem on Ubuntu Linux

This article has been written as instruction for my friend how to run NWChem.

2010-02-28 - Watch out for fake flash drives

All software described/linked in this article is for Microsoft Windows Operating System.

2010-11-22 - Few IT comic strips

Long time no post, but here are some random images found on web describing of software creation process - mostly from a software developer perspective :).

2010-12-19 - Dock6 installation on Ubuntu Linux

DOCK addresses the problem of „docking” molecules to each other. In general, „docking” is the identification of the low-energy binding modes of a small molecule, or ligand, within the active site of a macromolecule, or receptor, whose structure is known.

2010-03-01 - Tip: Changing file names recursively from command line

Recently I’ve found very nice tool to change file names recursively, and fixing file names encoding.

2009-07-30 - How to generate user documentation from Perl script?

If you want to generate user documentation from POD in Perl should add at the bottom of script this section - after keyword __END__ (this is only example - I use this schema for my documentation): i

2009-09-29 - Eclipse is not so great for Perl developers

Of course there is EPIC which is great - real IDE for writing in Perl, but when it comes to update whole IDE, all gets frustrating so what can I say: I really do not like the update system in Eclipse, for me is much faster to make:

2009-11-28 - Howto send email from bash on DLink DNS-323

This can be done only on hacked dns-323 ffp/fun_plug. Many people have problem sending emails from shell scripts using DNS-323, it is possible without installing additional software or writing scritps.

2009-09-28 - Images from space by NASA

If you are interested to see space (but not in Google Earth), you can download some pictures from (thanks Elliot for posting URL).

2009-09-28 - Howto execute system commands in Perl and possible danger

There are various ways to run system subproces in Perl. I will mention only 7 - few native (exec(), system, qx{}/``) and few which use additional libraries (open("|"), IPC::Open2, IPC::Open3, IPC::Cmd) which are in fact in standard Perl distribution so they can be used without worries.

2009-12-27 - 35 Google open-source projects that you probably don’t know

Currently list is longer than 35 projects, during change from Polish to English I have added one new project - and this is why title says 35 instead 34 ;). After updates there are even more! Sorry for your confusion.

2009-07-26 - Simple Config reader in Perl

Recently I had to develop some config file reading utillity, and here are efects.

2009-07-26 - Alternatives to Nautilus

Today Nautilus was so sluggish that I couldn’t stand that any more.

2009-12-24 - Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 on Linux and Skype

Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 is nice little web cam, which works on GNU Linux (this is strange).

2009-11-23 - Getch() function in Linux

Some long time ago I was searching for GetCh() implementation on Linux, and I’ve entered google new groups and found some good stuff. Today durning some cleanings on my system I’ve found saved html page with this, so i will paste it here (this blog is my notepad recenty). Post wost starting like this:

2009-11-23 - Almost winter

I would like to ride snowboard/ski someday like these guys, the music is also quite nice.

2009-09-23 - Wget like progress bar in console

Some time ago I was writing about notifying user that our software does not hang out, today I will also write about this. It is easy to create progress bar, and there is a numerous modules done (

2009-10-20 - OKI MB290 Fax - password reset (web server)

To reset password in OKI MB290 Fax/Printer/Scaner/Copier you have to:

2009-12-19 - BitLocker without TPM Module in Windows7

Windows BitLocker can store „password to disk” on USB stick, not only in TPM hardware module. To make it happen you have to activate some advanced settings (why there are no dialog like: „save my key on usb disk”?)

2009-07-19 - Generating ready to print PDF Javadoc file

Some time ago, when writing project from Computer Networks in Java me and my friend want to generate Javadoc in PDF. On Sun tech support is information how to generate Javadoc PDF but it was not really usefull.

2009-07-18 - Making Ubuntu - Jaunty Gnome Environment a little more friendly for those who remember „old Gnome”

It’s not in Gnome Desktop distributed with Ubuntu.

2009-11-17 - Some helpful Linux software

Some tools which could be helpful in network and system troubleshooting

2009-11-17 - Linux Tip: Color enabled pager - less

Recently I was using a command line tool which was generating many lines of color text. The output was displayed so fast on my xterm, that I couldn’t read it. So I thought, that I could use | less pager to see what’s up, and I was wrong :( - less „out of the box” doesn’t support colors.

2009-11-17 - Linux IMAP Mail Notifier

If you want be notified about new mail in Linux, only using IMAP protocol you should consider using mail-notification - it’s small application for Gnome, it looks like this:

2009-10-15 - One note for enviroment (Blog Action Day)

I have joined a Blog Action Day.

2009-09-14 - On-line viewers for documents in various formats

Google Online PDF Viewer

2009-09-13 - Getting system hardware and software info from Java

Sometimes there is a need to include in bug report information about user hardware/software, in Java it can be done using library SIGAR (System Information Gatherer And Reporter) or using informations provided by Runtime class and System.getProperty() method.

2009-09-06 - VMD Package Builder for Ubuntu and Debian

Text above is copied from Official VMD Site

2009-12-03 - Ubuntu screen profiles in SUSE Linux

I like the look of screen application in Ubuntu, this feature is provided by screen-profiles package, which is not present in SUSE Linux (SLES 11).

2009-11-03 - MySQL and UTF-8 - locales and some advanced settings

Default locales, and collation in MySQL since 4.1 is latin1_swedish_ci, it works well but if you have some polish texts it’s not so good, there is way to change defaults, and it is quite easy.