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2012-06-04 - Howto build deb package with Perl module (Lingua::Identify)

Lingua::Identify is Perl module used for text language identification - remember that language identification is not 100% accurate.

2011-12-25 - List all installed and available Perl modules

Code below provides list of modules which perl interpreter can find in runtime.

2011-01-19 - Group and count files by type in Perl (using file magic numbers)

Using object oriented libraries with File::Find module is not so obvious like it should be. But there is a way to do it in simple way - use closures in Perl. Now you probably think, „stop the bla bla talk, and show me code!”, so here it is:

2011-01-15 - The regular expressions guides

Wikipedia defines regular expressions like this:

2011-10-13 - Using perl to extract files from large directory structure

When I work on Windows I use Activesite Active Perl to do some stuff.

2011-01-12 - Cron tip: prevent running multiple copies of the same job in HA environment

All cron jobs should prevent themselves from started in multiple copies!

2011-12-11 - Encoding files „on the fly” with Blowfish using Perl

Some time ago friend of mine asked me if I could write him an CGI script which encodes his backup file and allows to download it using HTTP protocol.

2011-01-08 - Sending emails from Perl via SMTP server

Email inbox could be a good place to store many informations including logs from your services. Common usage of email may be sending notification about your service failures. Email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages. So users don’t need be online simultaneously for exchange messages, online presence is only required for time that takes to send or receive messages. So when you send some message it will be delivered to recipient sooner or later.

2011-01-08 - Perl daemon: the hard way

From Wikipedia:

2009-07-30 - How to generate user documentation from Perl script?

If you want to generate user documentation from POD in Perl should add at the bottom of script this section - after keyword __END__ (this is only example - I use this schema for my documentation): i

2009-09-29 - Eclipse is not so great for Perl developers

Of course there is EPIC which is great - real IDE for writing in Perl, but when it comes to update whole IDE, all gets frustrating so what can I say: I really do not like the update system in Eclipse, for me is much faster to make:

2009-09-28 - Howto execute system commands in Perl and possible danger

There are various ways to run system subproces in Perl. I will mention only 7 - few native (exec(), system, qx{}/``) and few which use additional libraries (open("|"), IPC::Open2, IPC::Open3, IPC::Cmd) which are in fact in standard Perl distribution so they can be used without worries.

2009-12-27 - 35 Google open-source projects that you probably don’t know

Currently list is longer than 35 projects, during change from Polish to English I have added one new project - and this is why title says 35 instead 34 ;). After updates there are even more! Sorry for your confusion.

2009-07-26 - Simple Config reader in Perl

Recently I had to develop some config file reading utillity, and here are efects.

2009-09-23 - Wget like progress bar in console

Some time ago I was writing about notifying user that our software does not hang out, today I will also write about this. It is easy to create progress bar, and there is a numerous modules done (

2009-04-22 - Perl CGI - Szybki start

Perl do chwili obecnej często jest nazywany „klejem łączącym sieć web”, dzięki możliwością przetwarzania tekstu (głównie chodzi o bardzo zaawansowane wyrażenia regularne) bardzo dobrze nadaje się do pisania aplikacji konwertujących dane tekstowe.

2009-07-20 - Darmowe środowisko testowe dla Perla od Microsoftu

Najpierw była zapowiedź, a teraz projekt Microsoftu oferujący darmowe środowisko testowania skryptów Perla dla Windowsa stało się faktem - całość to parę maszyn wirtualnych z głównymi wersjami Windows jak donosi Heise OpenSource.

2008-09-29 - Eclipse IDE

Wybór odpowiedniego środowiska programistycznego nie jest rzeczą łatwą, w przeciągu ostatniego roku IDE (Integrated Developement Enviroment) powstało bardzo wiele, jednym z ciekawszych jest Eclipse.

2008-09-17 - Perl File::Basename dlaczego używać?

Często pisząc skrypty w Perlu, wymagam od użytkownika podania pliku wejściowego do przetworzenia i nazwy pliku wyjściowego/katalogu w którym mają powstać wyniki.

2008-11-15 - Perl i UTF + Locale

Czasami ja nie rozumiem jak działa Perl, dziś jest jeden z takich dni: