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2011-01-09 - Quick dump or backup all databases in MySQL server

You can use this script Here is source code:

2009-12-27 - 35 Google open-source projects that you probably don’t know

Currently list is longer than 35 projects, during change from Polish to English I have added one new project - and this is why title says 35 instead 34 ;). After updates there are even more! Sorry for your confusion.

2009-11-03 - MySQL and UTF-8 - locales and some advanced settings

Default locales, and collation in MySQL since 4.1 is latin1_swedish_ci, it works well but if you have some polish texts it’s not so good, there is way to change defaults, and it is quite easy.

2008-01-16 - Mysql - Fast index creation

Pisząc nawet niewielkie aplikacje webowe w miarę wypełniania ich danymi zachodzi potrzeba dodania nowych indeksów to tablic w bazie MySQL, zadanie to nie jest szybkie jeśli nasza tablica ma juz w okolicach miliona rekordów, ponieważ zwyczajne: