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2009-09-29 - Eclipse is not so great for Perl developers

Of course there is EPIC which is great - real IDE for writing in Perl, but when it comes to update whole IDE, all gets frustrating so what can I say: I really do not like the update system in Eclipse, for me is much faster to make:

2009-04-21 - Dostałem NetBeans Pen drive!

Jakiś czas temu wziąłem udział w promocji refer-a-friend Suna a dokładniej środowiska programistycznego NetBeans.

2009-07-19 - Generating ready to print PDF Javadoc file

Some time ago, when writing project from Computer Networks in Java me and my friend want to generate Javadoc in PDF. On Sun tech support is information how to generate Javadoc PDF but it was not really usefull.

2009-09-13 - Getting system hardware and software info from Java

Sometimes there is a need to include in bug report information about user hardware/software, in Java it can be done using library SIGAR (System Information Gatherer And Reporter) or using informations provided by Runtime class and System.getProperty() method.

2008-11-14 - Sun Java JRE/JDK 1.6u10 on Debian

Wszystko co robisz, robisz na własną odpowiedzialność - u mnie to zadziałało: