Eclipse is not so great for Perl developers

Of course there is EPIC which is great - real IDE for writing in Perl, but when it comes to update whole IDE, all gets frustrating so what can I say: I really do not like the update system in Eclipse, for me is much faster to make:

rm -rf ~/projects/deps-eclipse/* ~projects/workspace-eclipse/.metadata/

Goto:, download whole new source and install new version plus additional plugins (I use only SVN and EPIC).

My problems are probably caused by high load on update server, which makes download of updates real slow, but this probably can be fixed in some way - for example adding some mirrors?

NetBeans support for Perl language is needed!

Dear NetBeans Team, please provide support for Perl (I really need only syntax highlighting, PerlCritic/PerlTidy, Error Reporting). This may gain some new users to IDE (last stuff about real alternative to Epic was from 2000, and it was commercial software. ARGH!)

This is almost done in this plugin, but not all: There was also other project ( but it died even before starting.

Who cares about Perl6, new Parrot virtual machine if there is no real IDE support - think about it, Perl Developers. Or I should learn other scripting language which is supported by NetBeans IDE? Comments (in both Polish and English) are welcome.


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