OKI MB290 Fax - password reset (web server)

To reset password in OKI MB290 Fax/Printer/Scaner/Copier you have to:

  1. Press up arrow - enter menu

  2. Press * (star)

  3. Press # (hash)

  4. Find SOS22 and push OK putton when hilighted

  5. There should be 0001 … and 4th 1 from leftside indicates that web server requires password login

  6. Change 4th digit to 0, and press OK

  7. You are done

It’s very simple when you know what SOS is for what … if you don’t know call tech support and don’t be a «hacker» - Changing some strange flags can damage entire OKI MB290.


Use this tip only for your own responsibility, don’t blame me if your device will be dead.


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