Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 on Linux and Skype

Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 is nice little web cam, which works on GNU Linux (this is strange).

Some people have problems with this webcam and Skype.

How to solve problems with Skype

  • Download newest version of Skype

  • Install it dpkg --force-all -i skype-*.deb

  • Configure pulseaudio (using GUI)

    Go to Audio settings

    Check if you have web cam detected (if not install additional kernel modules)

    Change sound input device

  • Start Skype for Linux, and start chatting with friends

PulseAudio manual, some helpful advices but running this was very simple.


New version of Skype for Linux is finally ok, my PC during Skype conversation is finally quiet and I’ve got many resources to use (Skype is evolving in good direction).


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