Some helpful Linux software


Some tools which could be helpful in network and system troubleshooting


Some tools which may be helpfull to deal with hardware/security

Database management

  • mtop - MySQL terminal based query monitor
  • mytop - top like query monitor for MySQL
  • ptop - PostgreSQL performance monitoring tool akin to top
Did I missed some software which may be helpfull?

Gentoo stuff :P

If you're working on Gentoo box you should think about:

Disable buzzer

# in ~/.bashrc
setterm -blength 0
Did I missed something? If there is some cool stuff that I could need, please write it in comments below.


  1. I'm writing about "good stuff", and Pico wrote about "the evilc Perl scripts"

  2. I've forgot about dsniff and urlsnarf to get know what HTTP URLs being accessed from my machine via a specific network interface ;).

  3. Again me - Friend of mine bookmarked some information How to use netstat with command line tools - thanks Marek - I'll probably will be using this soon.

  4. Other ways to disable PC-Speaker

    modprobe -r pcspkr

    Edit /etc/inputrc and add or uncomment the following:
    File: /etc/inputrc

    set bell-style none

    If you're running a suitable kernel (all 2.6 and a few of the more extreme 2.4), you can also disable PC Speaker in the kernel config. It is under Input Devices.

  5. To remember, how to make software bridge for analyzing traffic (using tcpdump, wiresharc, etc.) on Linux:

    ifconfig eth1 -arp promisc up
    ifconfig eth2 -arp promisc up
    brctl addbr br0
    brctl addif br0 eth1
    brctl addif br0 eth2
    ifconfig br0 -arp promisc up

    Configuration of PC should be:
    eth1 - LAN
    eth2 - WAN
    eth0 - Management

    Note: -arp promisc captures all packets ;). brclt is package bridge-utils.
    Remember to shutdown DHCP server, and use filters in tcpdump :)


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