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35 Google open-source projects that you probably don't know

This text is translation of: 34 projekty Open Source udostępnione przez Google

Update:Currently list is longer than 35 projects, during change from Polish to English I have added one new project - and this is why title says 35 instead 34 ;). After updates there are even more! Sorry for your confusion. Google is one of the biggest companies supporting OpenSource movement, they released more than 500 open source projects(most of them are samples showing how to use their API). In this article I will try to write about most interesting and free releases from Google, some of them might be abandoned.

Update:List of projects developed at Google and released as opensource (thanks @dobs from reddit) can be displayed also hereText File processingGoogle CRUSH (Custom Reporting Utilities for SHell)CRUSH is a collection of tools for processing delimited-text data from the command line or in shell scripts. Tutorial how to use it is hereC++ libraries and sourcesGoogle BreakpadAn open-source multi-…

34 projekty Open Source udostępnione przez Google

Google jest jedną z największych firm wspierający ruch wolnego oprogramowania, Gigant z Mountain View w sumie wypuścił ponad 500 projektów jako OpenSource, postaram się przedstawić listę tylko tych ciekawszych, jakie zostały upublicznione. Przetwarzanie plików tekstowychGoogle CRUSH (Custom Reporting Utilities for SHell)Jest to kolekcja narzędzi przeznaczonych do pracy na plikach TSV/CSV praca z plikami może odbywać się z linii komend oraz plików shellowychBiblioteki i źródła C++Google BreakpadJest otwarto źródłowym systemem do diagnozowania usterek w oprogramowaniu (crash reporting system).Google GFlagsGFlags jest biblioteką pozwalającą na przetwarzanie argumentów linii komend. Można powiedzieć, że jest to zastępstwo dla funkcji getopt(), jednakże znacznie zwiększono w niej elastyczność oraz dodano obsługę typów znanych z C++ takich jak string.Google GlogBiblioteka Glog pozwala na logowanie działania aplikacji poprzez wygodny interfejs bazujący na potokach (streams). Glog udo…

Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 on Linux and Skype

Microsoft LifeCAM NX-3000 is nice little web cam, which works on GNU Linux (this is strange). Some people have problems with this webcam and Skype. How to solve problems with SkypeDownload newest version of SkypeInstall it dpkg --force-all -i skype-*.debConfigure pulseaudio (using GUI) Go to Audio settings Check if you have web cam detected (if not install additional kernel modules) Change sound input device Start Skype for Linux, and start chatting with friendsPulseAudio manual, some helpful advices but running this was very simple. Other linksMultiple Sound Solution (ALSA in Pulseaudio) - outdatedTeamSpeak server (alternative to Skype)Summary New version of Skype for Linux is finally ok, my PC during Skype conversation is finally quiet and I've got many resources to use (Skype is evolving in good direction).

Manipulacja tekstem w Bashu

Bash jest całkiem dobrym narzędziem jeżeli chodzi o manipulację tekstem (oczywiście nie może się umywać do Perla/Seda/AWKa/Pythona), ale sporo funkcji ma zaimplementowanych, wiele osób nawet sobie nie zdaje z tego sprawy. W tej notce spróbuję część tej funkcjonalności przedstawić:

BitLocker without TPM Module in Windows7

Windows BitLocker can store "password to disk" on USB stick, not only in TPM hardware module. To make it happen you have to activate some advanced settings (why there are no dialog like: "save my key on usb disk"?) How to save Windows7 BitLocker key on USB stick?Click: Start | Search, type gpedit.msc and hit enterNavigate to: Local Computer Policy+ Computer Configuration++ Administrative Templates+++ Windows Components++++ Operating Systems Drives+++++ BitLocker Drive Encryption -> Require Additional Authentication at StartupChange those two keys to trueRerun the BitLocker WizardOnce you have allowed BitLocker without TPM, the wizard in the BitLocker Drive Preparation will let you store the Startup Key on a USB flash drive. It also allows you to save a Recovery Key, which you will need if you have lost your USB stick.You will then be asked whether you want to run a BitLocker System Check. If you agree, your computer will be restarted to check whether the U…

Pomysł na serwer plików

Od pewnego czasu mogę w ciągu dnia korzystać z macierzy dyskowej (NAS) podłączonej do sieci Ethernet, całość to zamknięte w bardzo małej obudowie dwa dyski spięte w RAID1 :). Powiem że takie rozwiązanie jest bardzo wygodne do współdzielenia plików pomiędzy paroma komputerami (polecam!), lub po prostu jako miejsce przechowywania dużych ilości danych (backup, storage). Macierz z jakiej korzystam ma sporo różnych funkcji :), ale w sumie pomyślałem, że spiszę tutaj te które bym chciał mieć w takim urządzeniu.

Electronic devices - rapid prototyping environments

There are many platforms that can be used for rapid prototyping of electronics devices, in this article I will write about two of them which are quite popular. ArduinioArduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.What is inside Arduino? version 2009 ATmega168/ATmega32816 KB Flash Memory (ATmega168)/32 KB Flash Memory (ATmega328) (2 KB are used by bootloader) 1 KB SRAM(ATmega168)/2 KB SRAM (ATmega328)512 bytes EEPROM (ATmega168)/1 KB EEPROM (ATmega328)14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs)6 analog inputs16 MHz crystal oscillatorUSB connectionpower jackbuilt-in LEDICSP headerreset buttonI2C supportSome helpful links on ArduinoOfficial Arduino websiteArduino battery life saverArduino wirelessArduino webserverArduino Ethernet ShieldList of cool projects made usign Ardu…

Ubuntu screen profiles in SUSE Linux

What is this all about? I like the look of screen application in Ubuntu, this feature is provided by screen-profiles package, which is not present in SUSE Linux (SLES 11). Before start Run zypper install newt newt-python to install dependencies. Solution contents of!/bin/bash PACKAGE_NAME='screen-profiles_1.44-0ubuntu1.2_all.deb' WORKDIR='workdir-sp' OPWD=`pwd` # fetch package wget$PACKAGE_NAME mkdir $WORKDIR cd $WORKDIR # unpack ar x $OPWD/$PACKAGE_NAME if [ ! -x "/usr/bin/screen.real" ] ; then sudo mv /usr/bin/screen /usr/bin/screen.real else echo "Unable to write /usr/bin/screen.real - this can break your screen app" fi # unpack tar -xvzf data.tar.gz # Intall it sudo find usr -type f -exec install -D -m 755 {} "/{}" \; sudo find var -type f -exec install -D -m 755 {} "/{}" \; echo "You may want to delete "…

Howto send email from bash on DLink DNS-323

This can be done only on hacked dns-323ffp/fun_plug. Many people have problem sending emails from shell scripts using DNS-323, it is possible without installing additional software or writing scritps. Sending emails right from bash scripts in DNS-323 is quite easy, but it took me some time to make it work.

Getch() function in Linux

Some long time ago I was searching for GetCh() implementation on Linux, and I've entered google new groups and found some good stuff. Today durning some cleanings on my system I've found saved html page with this, so i will paste it here (this blog is my notepad recenty).

64k Demos

Not only 64k but mostly, first few were found some long time ago, rest is quite new.

Almost winter

I would like to ride snowboard/ski someday like these guys, the music is also quite nice.

Some helpful Linux software

Linux IMAP Mail Notifier

If you want be notified about new mail in Linux, only using IMAP protocol you should consider using mail-notification - it's small application for Gnome, it looks like this: And really works quite nice, just test it mail-notification --sm-disable

Linux Tip: Color enabled pager - less

Recently I was using a command line tool which was generating many lines of color text. The output was displayed so fast on my xterm, that I couldn't read it. So I thought, that I could use "| less" pager to see what's up, and I was wrong :( - less "out of the box" doesn't support colors. I've triedmost pager but I prefer less. ... but there is a way! Less doesn't support colors "as it is", but there are some hacks. Thanks rha7dotcom. export LESS="-RSM~gIsw"R - Raw color codes in output (don't remove color codes)S - Don't wrap lines, just cut off too long textM - Long prompts ("Line X of Y")~ - Don't show those weird ~ symbols on lines after EOFg - Highlight results when searching with slash key (/)I - Case insensitive searchs - Squeeze empty lines to onew - Highlight first line after PgDn Remember the tip with export LESS works only if you software you want to page uses RAW ASCII colors not those…

MySQL and UTF-8 - locales and some advanced settings

Default locales, and collation in MySQL since 4.1 is latin1_swedish_ci, it works well but if you have some polish texts it's not so good, there is way to change defaults, and it is quite easy. After installation of MySQL edit your config file (default location of this file is /etc/mysql/my.cnf).

OKI MB290 Fax - password reset (web server)

To reset password in OKI MB290 Fax/Printer/Scaner/Copier you have to: Press up arrow - enter menuPress * (star)Press # (hash)Find SOS22 and push OK putton when hilightedThere should be 0001... and 4th 1 from leftside indicates that web server requires password loginChange 4th digit to 0, and press OKYou are done It's very simple when you know what SOS is for what ... if you don't know call tech support and don't be a 'hacker' - Changing some strange flags can damage entire OKI MB290. Warning: Use this tip only for your own responsibility, don't blame me if your device will be dead.

One note for enviroment (Blog Action Day)

I have joined a Blog Action Day.Today I should write something about climate change, but I have found some stuff related, and probably this will be the best idea to repost it here.Renewable sources of energy has some effect to local environment (birds are falling to large wind turbines, and many solar power plants causes local temperature raise by few degrees). I think that we should use nuclear power plants in future, because it will be very efficient and independent power source - as far I know it hasn't got much impact on climate change (some report has been written about it influence to climate change - maybe it is sponsored?).One thing is sure, we should start planing, or even acting, what to do next when current energy sources will be unavailable and our climate will be so changed that we couldn't live on Earth.

Eclipse is not so great for Perl developers

Of course there is EPIC which is great - real IDE for writing in Perl, but when it comes to update whole IDE, all gets frustrating so what can I say: I really do not like the update system in Eclipse, for me is much faster to make: rm -rf ~/projects/deps-eclipse/* ~projects/workspace-eclipse/.metadata/ Goto:, download whole new source and install new version plus additional plugins (I use only SVN and EPIC). My problems are probably caused by high load on update server, which makes download of updates real slow, but this probably can be fixed in some way - for example adding some mirrors?

NetBeans support for Perl language is needed! Dear NetBeans Team, please provide support for Perl (I really need only syntax highlighting, PerlCritic/PerlTidy, Error Reporting). This may gain some new users to IDE (last stuff about real alternative to Epic was from 2000, and it was commercial software. ARGH!) This is almost done in this plugin, but not al…

Images from space by NASA

If you are interested to see space (but not in Google Earth), you can download some pictures from (thanks Elliot for posting URL). But if you are interested in images of Earth some high-resolution pictures can be found at (photos are REAL HUGE - resolution: 86400 x 43200) - Direct link to images.

Howto execute system commands in Perl and possible danger

There are various ways to run system subproces in Perl. I will mention only 7 - few native (exec(), system, qx{}/``) and few which use additional libraries (Open("|"), IPC::Open2, IPC::Open3, IPC::Cmd) which are in fact in standard Perl distribution so they can be used without worries. Introduction Most people think that running system command from Perl is only done by system() or exec(), but there are many ways to achieve this task - some are better some are worse. Each of them has different performance, even specific usage of function could increase/decrease performance. This post is written only to help programmer choose right solution for task (solution secure, flexible and with best performance).

Note: I am using in this article some (quite much) text which is copied from PerlDoc - it will be in tag: <cite>. Executing system command - possible waysexec() - PerlDoc Pagesystem() - PerlDoc Pageqx{}/`` - PerlDoc PageOpen(' |') - PerlDoc PageIPC::Open2 - Pe…

Wget like progress bar in console

Some time ago I was writing about notifying user that our software does not hang out, today I will also write about this. It is easy to create progress bar, and there is a numerous modules done ( But creating a simple progress bar (which looks like progress bar in wget) is pretty straight forward. Output with detailed progressWarning: This is only example after each execution of progressBar "\n" is inserted!. In final code this will be one animating line! johny@jambia:~$ perl Starting Hello [i] Hello |> | 0 of 10 ( 0%) [i] Hello |======> | 1 of 10 ( 10%) [i] Hello |=============> | 2 of 10 ( 20%) [i] Hello |====================> | 3 of 10 ( 30%) [i] Hello |===========================> …